One month in Europe

We arrived in Europe one month ago and we haven’t really done what we expected to. We never intended to come to Spain other than a quick trip down from the Pyrenees to Barcelona for about three days.

I have to say that I’m enjoying Spain immensely. My Spanish is not much better than my French but that little advantage has made things more comfortable for me and the Spanish seem to accept me “butchering” their language with a little more grace than the French. Kate and I always try and speak the language (sometimes it is the very basics like hello, thank you and goodbye) but while Kate’s French is pretty good, mine lacks somewhat.
Enough of the language lets get back to the travel part. We have spent the last few days in Burgos and as with most university towns it was pretty cool. It looked like a place that was going forward with lots of development and a vibrant city centre.

The main gate into Burgos

It had a couple of interesting attractions that delivered more than expected, the cathedral was probably the best one I have seen and the Museum of Human Evolution gave me an insight into some of the ancestors from way back that I hadn’t had before. The Burgos Cathedral has to be the largest I have visited when it comes to surface area, it seems like every time a new Bishop took over he would build a new bit on. The chapels were plentiful and very impressive, the choir room was the most amazing piece of cabinetry I have ever seen. It had multiple domes and alters in nearly every room.

Burgos Cathedral at night

The Burgos Cathedral

The Museum of Human Evolution was fascinating. The oldest early human settlement sites in Western Europe can be found just outside Burgos so the museum exhibits have a strong focus on these discoveries but also have other exhibits to provide you with the full story behind how we got to where we are now. This Museum focused on one subject and did it very well.

Museum of Human Evolution

While the attractions are great, the reason for travelling is often much simpler and Burgos didn’t disappoint! You know I’m talking about food 🙂 We had our first experience with Tapas in Spain and then had a lunch the next day that was simply awesome. The food combinations seem to work so well, Chorizo, quail egg and peppers on fresh bread, Crocettes with Iberico ham and onion, Morcilla (an awesome black pudding) sausage with eggs, potatoes and quite a few others. I should also mention Churros! I would weight 100 kgs if these were as good in New Zealand. We are looking forward to getting to the east coast so we can sample more of the seafood.

One of the gates into Burgos

Burgos was a much more interesting than we anticipated and I definitely go back again. I’ve included a map of the trip so far in this post. It covers most of the main places we have visited. We are approaching 5000km’s in the Peugeot and while this seems a lot of driving we have got to see a lot of things “off the beaten path” and we don’t really think it is a hardship to drive 50km’s to see something interesting so we do tend to do a bit of mileage.

Next stop is Cuenca and then we are off to the coast for a bit of beach time.


Kate reading the paper

The bull