Whilst we flew out of Lyon to Marrakech, we didn’t get to see much on our way to the airport and so decided to spend a few nights here on the way back. Tony and I really like the city, it is quite spread out but its city centre is fantastic, with a mix of old and new buildings that just seem to work with lots of shops and restaurants to while away both day and night. We could definitely live here; Hmm… if only we could speak the language!

Tony decided to get a haircut and although the salon we went to advertised that they spoke English, it was very little, about as much as our French! The owner though, when he discovered that we were from NZ, was very eager to tell us that Dan Carter’s wife had had her hair cut there and that Dan himself had done an advertising promotion for one of the products he sold in his store. Of course there was also mention of Jonah Lomu, (Allez les All Blacks).

We stayed in an apartment that was in the 4th arrondissement and a few kms away from the centre of the city and the old town. The good news was that there were Ride and Park bikes just up the road and so it was great, we just used the subway and bikes to get around (not yet on a mountain bike Rob but at least it’s something!). The French are actually really good at looking out for cyclists, and so even though you don’t have a helmet, it actually feels okay when there isn’t a cycle track available and you have to bike on the road.


The only really touristy things we did here was to visit the ‘old town’ and the Notre Dame Fouviere Basilica, which the hairdresser said was a “must see”. The mosaics inside were amazing and the views across the city also made it worth the walk up the hill!



As we are booked to fly out of Lyon in August, we will definitely be returning and now that we have been here, are really quite happy to do so.