Loosing track of the days.

That has to be a good thing when you are on holiday,right?

I was hoping to do a video post about New York this week but we have been too busy having a look around Normandy so you just have to put up with a few pictures and a bit of text.
Let me start by saying New York is one seriously cool city! I’ve been fortunate enough to visit on three occasions in the last three years (twice with Kate and once for work) and each time I’ve stayed in a different part of town. This time we stayed on the Lower East Side at the HoJo’s on Allen Street, it is a new hotel and I liked it. It’s relatively cheap for New York, it was in a pretty good location and the service levels were excellent. I think the best aspect for a couple of Wellingtonian coffee lovers was that we didn’t have to drink the regular stuff that the US calls coffee as there were a number of “real coffee” places within easy walking distance


This trip to New York was a lot cruisier than our previous one where we felt we had to “do everything” just in case we didn’t make it back for a while. We didn’t do a lot of the tourist stuff this time, preferring to walk some of the neighbourhoods we had neglected last time. We did do a couple of the attractions, being interested in aircraft the one thing I felt I needed to do that I missed last time, was visit the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier, and we also didn’t get up The Rock last time so did it as well. If you are interested in aircraft or naval equipment the Intrepid is worth a visit. They had a variety of planes to have a look at, not just American but Russian, Argentine and Israeli as well. The Space Shuttle is hanging out on the deck as well but you can’t get very close to it. They had a special exhibition area for the Space Shuttle but this was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

We had a great day walking over to Brooklyn for lunch. We walked the Brooklyn Bridge in sunshine and 27C, had some lunch in a cafe in DUMBO (good coffee again) and then went and sat in the park for a while. It seems to be a slightly more chilled form of life over the bridge from the craziness of Manhattan I’d like to explore Brooklyn some more in the future because it looks like it could be even more interesting than hanging out in Manhattan.

Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline

We got to see quite a few neighbourhoods, we were staying in Chinatown, had dinner in little Italy, went shopping in SoHo and NoHo, checked out the “suits” in the Financial District, had a look at the apartments in Tribeca (no we can’t afford one) and spent quite a bit of time drinking coffee on the Lower East Side.

It was a nice way to visit the Big Apple, not rushed but still busy enough to have sore feet at the end of the day. Anyone who has visited New York will tell you there seems to be a lot of walking.

I’m sure we will be back again sometime as the shopping is great and the place just has a vibe to it that is different to any other place I’ve visited

Next post should be from somewhere near Mont St Michel in a few days.

Here are a couple of my favourite photos and one for Mackenzie.

One for Mackenzie

Flatiron and Toyota

Empire State Building wide