Tony and I must be destined to always have good weather when we are here in London , as it has been amazing, 29/30 degrees every day. We especially picked a hotel with a pool just in case and what a good decision that was, even if I do say so myself.
It was great to take a dip after a couple of hectic days of shopping for a new dress for the big wedding event of the year! Needless to say the bank balance took a bit of a hit and it is certainly noticeably more expensive on this side of the channel!

Like Paris, London is also full of tourists and so even though we planned to go inside Westminster Abbey this trip, in the end we couldn’t face the queues (yes plural!) to have a look, maybe next time?


Instead we just wandered around Canary Wharf, Southbank, Harrods and Hyde Park. We also went to see another show, this time it was Spamalot at the Playhouse Theatre in the West End. The first half was a bit slow but the second more than made up for it and so it was a good way to spend our last night here.