Duxford and Donnington

As we are heading up to Scotland, we discovered that on our way north, we could go via Duxford and Donnington. For those of you, unlike Tony, who is neither a fan of either planes or racing cars, these two places are like Mecca.



Tony was like a kid in a candy shop and I must admit, the Duxford Imperial War Museum and airfield was pretty amazing. It took us around four and a half hours to see everything. Spitfires were just ‘common’ in comparison to some of the other aircraft there, as they had 16 of them! The American bombers were cool, especially the B52 Fortress, which was just massive. It was well set out and definitely worth the visit.




Donnington was also good but nowhere near the scale of Duxford and of course it was all about cars, and a few old motocycles. I did like the Harley Davidson bikes used in WW2, which I haven’t seen before; they were quite cool. It was also good to see a kiwi connection here with both Chris Amon and Denny Hulme cars on display.

Chris Amon's F2 Ferrari



As Donnington is a racing circuit, we were able to go down to the track and there just happened to be some bikes out on the track, so we got to go out on the pit wall and watch. Tony took some photos, I took one of the Scania truck in the parking lot (just for you Lauren!)


Next stop…the Lakes Distrist in Cumbria.