Beer and Wurst! Munich at it’s finest.

A visit to Germany is not complete without having some sort of dish made of sausages accompanied by a nice cold beer.

This was our second visit (the first was to Berlin)  and it’s been great both times. We even understood some of the language because it has some similarities to Dutch.

The Hof Garten

Munich seems like an easily walkable city and we did a lot of wandering around the city checking out the sites. The centre was very busy on the Saturday with a lot of people sitting in cafes and bars enjoying the sun. There were quite a few wearing the tradition dress as well. I’m not sure if there was a special festival or this was just a normal Lederhosen and Dirndl wearing Saturday afternoon. Places like the Hofgarten and Victory Arch were a relatively short walk from the centre of the city.

Siegestor (Victory Arch)

We visited the Deutsches Museum which is a technology museum. It had a lot of interesting stuff about German technological advances from the last few hundred years. I especially liked the plane and rocket sections.

A rocket powered car

The Sunday was spent visiting Olympic Park and the BMW Museum. The Olympic Park was a lot bigger than I anticipated but it was nice to wander around and have a look. The buildings and stadiums must have been very spectacular back in 1972 as they seem reasonable modern even today. New Zealand won three medals in Munich (1 of each) and the rowing eight who won the gold have theirs names on a terrace listing all the winners.

Oympic Park panorama

A little bit of home

The BMW Welt (think the biggest car showroom you have ever seen) and Museum were amazing and shows what can be done with corporate backing. The Welt had all the latest models of Mini, Bimmer and Rolla on display. Kate wanted an X5 and a M6 Gran Coupe would do me nicely. You could pretty much sit in or on anything that BMW makes.

Kate on a 1600cc BMW Bike

The Museum had a large collection of BMW motorbikes and cars with a few other items that took my interest (they started out making aero engines and had a Focke Wulf 190 engine on display). Kate fell in love with the 1956 BMW 507 (approx USD1.5 million) but I don’t think we will have one anytime soon. For anyone interested in cars and bikes this museum is a must see if you are in Munich.

BMW 507

We will go back to Munich at some stage as we would like to explore the surrounding countryside. We didn’t get to Dachau and the mountains are only an hour or so south of the city.

Olympic Park Munich