Barcelona and Salvador Dali

Barcelona was supposed to be our one and only stop in Spain and after 10 days in the country, we finally made it! For a big city, it was actually quite compact and certainly a mecca when it comes to shopping!


Gaudi Building

From a tourist perspective, it was a bit busy and so Tony and I couldn’t really be bothered with queuing to see too much. We walked past the Gaudi buildings but didn’t go in! I did queue for the Picasso Museum for 35 minutes, as I really wanted to see his work, which covered his lifetime. Tony was feeling tired and a bit off-colour so stayed back at the hotel.

Of course for us it is always about the culinary experience, so bring on the tapas; sangria and mohitos! I have to say though we couldn’t beat the food in Burgos or Cuenca; both of which provided us with some amazing food….thank you to all the Trip Advisor restaurant reviewers!

An old Bull Ring convert to a commercial complex


From Barcelona we decided to head up to Girona and Figueres. Girona just happened to have a flower exhibition (think Wellesly Flower Show but more artsy) in the old town when we arrived and Figueres is the home to Salvador Dali, the surrealist artist. His museum was a real experience in itself and even if you aren’t into his art, it is still worth a visit.