Au Revoir France and Hello England!

I have to admit it was somewhat with mixed emotion that we made the decision to head to the UK, but one of the definitive positives was that we did actually go back via Paris and spend a couple of nights there. The weather remained hot and sticky, so it was a bit hard though not to be by the lake and be able to go for a swim when we felt like it! We were glad that this wasn’t our first time here as the line of tourists waiting to go up the Eiffel Tower was ridiculously long and in the heat having to wait that long, not to mention being in a packed lift on the way up, would have I suspect certainly dampened the excitement.



Our hotel was a bit closer this time to the central city (being in the 2nd arrondisement, as opposed to the 8th) and so we could simply walk everywhere without having to use the subway. It was certainly interesting driving in to the city from Fontainbleu, which we had to stop off to visit when I found out that we were coming in from the south. I know another chateau, but hey its Fontainbleu and so we couldn’t just drive past!



Fom Paris, it was onto Calais to catch one of the 90 odd sailings a day across the channel. For those of you who haven’t been to Calais, what can I say except that it is like most coastal port cities, not too much to see and a cool sea breeze blowing. However, in saying that we did manage to find a really good restaurant for lunch, ah…such an appropriate way to leave France!


And so on to England, Sandwich in Kent to be precise and a nice B&B for three nights. Kent was quite picturesque and we enjoyed our few days here. Got to visit Canterbury and Christchurch Cathedral of course and even ventured further south into Surrey down towards Hastings where we visited the Battle of Hastings battlefield and Abbey ruins. After viewing the Bayeaux Tapestry, it was good to follow up the story on English soil.
From here we headed north to London, which I’ll do a separate post for, so stay warm and take care.