Au revoir Normandie

Our last few days in Normandy were spent in Dragey-Eglise, an area renown in France for its thoroughbred race horses, some of which would pass by our B&B every morning on their way to the Baie de Mont St Michel to run along the beach; it was a place that made us both think of Murray. We’re sure he would have loved it here. The B&B was recommended to us by the owner of the B&B we stayed at on our first night in France, when we told him we wanted to visit Mont-Saint-Michel. It was an excellent choice and we wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

Dragey-Eglise B&B

Mont Saint Michel is the most visited place in France with over 2.5 million visitors each year and it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to come to for over 30 years! Whilst it isn’t quite like it was back when I was a teen, it was still well worth the visit.

Mont St Michel

Our time in Normandy was short but we do feel we really managed to get a sense of the history of the region and of course tried the local food (oysters from Cancale, yum!) and wine, well actually in this case cider, which also happened to be very good.

Cancale on a grey day

From here we headed back east to Le Mans, so that Tony could do his car thing and then on to Chartres so I could visit the Cathedral and its original medieval stained glass windows (unlike others, these were stored away for safe-keeping during both world wars). On the way, however, we did get side-tracked in La Fourgere, where there was a castle that we just couldn’t drive by and not go in!

Château de Fougères

And so onto the Loire, Valley of the Kings, where castles are just about in every town, but that will be the subject of our next post. Until then stay warm.